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Options include lithium ion recharging, analog, digital, Bluetooth-enabled, in-ear options and more! Whether you are eyeing a a top of the line hearing aid or “just the basics,” we are confident that.

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‎The Unitron Remote Plus app is a remote control for your hearing aids and so much more, giving you multiple options to personalize your hearing aids.

How do I clean the charging base? Use a dry, soft tissue and/or provided brush to remove debris from the hearing aid charge contacts and the provided brush to clean the contacts of the charger. May 19, 2023 · Ever. Operating instructions Before using your remote control 2, turn on your hearing aids to ensure they are able to receive the remote commands.

Specifically, for Unitron hearing aids, we dispense the following essentials: Unitron domes.

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Hearing Aid Lineups. unitron.

These platforms include Blu, Discover Next and Tempus.

Unitron is a hearing aid solution with multiple types and models.

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We believe the world would be a better place if people felt really good about the entire hearing care experience.


This processing strategy takes advantage of the wireless connection between the binaural hearing aids (both ears fit with Blu hearing aids), analyzing input across the 4 microphones to adjust directionality and noise reduction in challenging environments.

May 19, 2023 · Ever. Speak with a Phonak Specialist: 844-957-0445. Call us: 1(800) 804-0434 Email us: support@advancedaffordablehearing.

. Unitron provides ongoing expert support beyond the hearing instrument purchase to help you get the most out of their hearing aid experience. History. A Decrease font size. Unitron is best known for its hearing solutions for children and more affordable price points than its sister company,. .

- Choose up to 6 pre-set manual programs that can be added and customized directly.

At Hearing Direct, you will find a wide collection of hearing aid accessories for a range of devices including a number of branded models. Learn more.


Speak with a Phonak Specialist: 844-957-0445.



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