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08/04/2009 at 2:08 pm.

We had one neighbour asking us not to park outside his house, which is the first available parking space near us (despite him having a drive and. Get dates and times.

Explain to them that you need access to your driveway at all times.


My wife parks in the garage and I park in the outside space because my car can't fit inside. Where do I stand when it comes to neighbours parking in front of my drive? The law here is quite ‘cloudy’ and can lead to a lot of confusion for motorists and. .

Cactuses3580 · 30/12/2022 15:06.

Around 6PM on Tuesday, I received a knock on the door and it was ND. It’s just manners, you never ever park in or obstruct someone else’s driveway, had a neighbour do this constantly, park on the kerb between his driveway & mine, no biggie but his car obstructed half my driveway, the kerb was tiny, it was constant every morning me having to go next door & wake him up to move his car so I could get out to go to work, I got fed up so one morning I didn’t. .

The post read: “He continues to park his work van over the front of my driveway over a dropped curb. Make sure there are no questions surrounding the validity of the agreement.

May be 6/7 inches of the car body was crossing the driveway.

If your neighbour's trees are evergreen and form a continuous barrier then you could deal with them as high hedges under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003.

Depending on your area, you could net up to £200/month (more in some places, eg, parts of London) just for letting somebody park in your drive or garage. .

Jun 29, 2017 · Make sure the agreement has been signed and dated by all parties. .

Hi i would like some advice if possible please.
Jan 16, 2018 · Park your car (on your side) near the red spot where he can't back out or going on his lawn.
Jun 29, 2017 · Make sure the agreement has been signed and dated by all parties.



Section three states that it's an offence for a person to park vehicles on a street in order to be sold. . WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Man charged after stabbing neighbour in Adelaide.

But the owner of the property had ample space to move his garage. Write a letter to your neighbor explaining the issue. . No it's their driveway. My town allows 24 hours in the same spot. The garages and house have one common wall.


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All road users have the same right to park anywhere on the public highway as long as they do not contravene parking.


If the neighbor is on your property doing something particularly offensive or dangerous, calling the police is the best and most immediate way of dealing with them.