It wasn’t bad really.

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In Nvidia Control Panel, for MSFS, set Background Application Max Frame Rate to 30.

Since you upgraded your GPU (which wasn't holding back your frame rates) instead of your CPU (which was holding back your frame rates), you saw no improvement in FPS. That's why in this guide I've listed fixes and some tweaks for. This is a simple tutorial on how to improve your FPS on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.


This is the first time in two years since buying the PC I have done the clean graphics driver uninstall/re-install in safe mode. For reference my specs are a Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB. Fps = cpu speed of 1 core ( 1 thread ).

May 1, 2022 · I have v-sync on in msfs set at 20, so I'm getting a steady 48fps. Framerate is nowhere near as high on average even though the planes are extremely basic and lacking in system depth (but yes the graphics are pretty), and the FS2020 is also plagued by microstutters due to poor CPU optimization.

Jun 3, 2022 · What I've ended up with is to let Nvidia control panel handle V-sync.

May 7, 2023 · Windows and power monitoring apps (i.

. I found that turning off the VFR map option in MSFS help my rig a lot, my FPS was increased from 25 to 85, and I can constantly get 50 fps.

Asus Z590 P, Intel I7-10700K, nVidia RTX 4070, 64gb ram(3200), 2 nvme ssd. Set it to 10 to see how many frames you will gain first! You can increase it later.

If you’re going for a 4K experience at above 60 FPS, then you.
11 FPS improvements in the 787-10.
SoFly are like the Maserati of Microsoft Flight Simulator guides.

On the Performance Options, go to the Advanced tab and set Processor scheduling to Background services (and Apply), which after, click Change (Virtual memory).


But after I set the FRAME RATE LIMIT to 30 and turn the V-SYNC OFF, the. SoFly are like the Maserati of Microsoft Flight Simulator guides. MrFuzzy1337 March 28, 2021, 6:12pm #1.

. It all depends on your hardware and whether you want higher FPS, or a better-looking game. Guys you gotta try this: if you disable all the optional. . Mar 7, 2022 · Simulation games like MSFS and X-plane are heavily CPU reliant.

Finally, we wanted to give you a preview of the long-awaited custom UNS-1 FMS.

Close all background apps ( and antivirus ) and test it Use LOD 150 ( 200 will be fine but 150 less fps impact ) And i am absolutely sure you can increase to ultra all things, try all options. Bug Reports & Wishlist Install, Performance & Graphics.


Uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for.


Reducing ground vehicles and workers gains another 1 - 3 FPS depending on scenery.